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2014: Bigger Is Apparently Better

At least when it comes to the world of online advertising. Whether it’s better UX as ads become easier to engage with – or dismiss – or our device sizes have finally settled down (and actually begun to get slightly larger again), the traditional display ad is beginning to spread its wings.

AdSense started this ball rolling at the end of 2012 with larger ads. Facebook has announced it will resize their Right Hand Column ads to be more in line visually with its newsfeed ads, a move that makes sense from a UI standpoint and a sales standpoint. It will help streamline their program but more importantly, in testing of the new design, it has seen up to three times more engagement with ads.* The great irony of course is that this comes on the heels of Facebook curtailing the direct engagement businesses have with their hard earned Followers by limiting the amount of organic content Followers see. But that is another discussion entirely.

But it’s not just AdSense and Facebook seeing the marginal gains from larger ad profiles. The larger and more dynamic Rising Stars IAB units that started appearing in 2012 are gaining traction.

According to data released by PointRoll, clickthrough rates for Rising Stars were 70% higher than for standard placements, and video completion rates experienced a 19% lift.**
If you’re not familiar with the Rising Stars format, you might want to get acquainted. Rising Stars come in three familiar formats (display, mobile, digital/video) and a seemingly endless array of portfolio sizes. If you’re mulling it over, be prepared for a significant project though, as the RS ads do still have some distribution issues (availability) and creating many types of rich content isn’t an easy proposition. That said, if the numbers are starting to completely trump “plain old banners” and driving much higher mobile engagement, it will be a welcome change.

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** Source: EMarketer Daily