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What is Retail Marketing Optimization?

Everyone has heard the old adage, “I know 50% of my marketing is working. I just don’t know which 50%.” In all of our years in working with retailers, dealers, and other local business owners, we realized there is a lot of truth in that statement.

When entrepreneurs start their small- and mid-sized businesses, they don’t do so with hopes of also having to become a marketing expert. Many retailers don’t have the time, or the marketing expertise, to maximize the return from their marketing.

Retail Marketing Optimization is using customer and sales data to measure and inform each business’ marketing and advertising mix. It is using available tools and resources from manufacturers and vendors to develop the right customer offers and messaging. It’s holding your marketing efforts accountable for providing return on your investment in them. It’s understanding that each business has a distinct brand and making sure that it relates to customers and prospects.

Retail Marketing Optimization is changing the old adage to “I know my marketing is working.”

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Expertise in Action

SilverGrass Marketing is a group of marketing experts with extensive experience in helping companies large and small maximize the impact of their retail marketing efforts. Whether it’s working with large manufacturers to develop programs that enable their retail channels to maximize corporate profits, or working with individual retailers or dealer groups to leverage their data to develop amazingly successful marketing campaigns, SilverGrass can deliver.

Our expertise includes: Marketing Needs Assessment, Marketing Technology Project Development / Management, Creative Design, Responsive Web Design, Campaign Fulfillment, SEM/SEO, Program Goals Development, Technology Integration, Campaign / Program Process Improvement, Data Analysis and Solution Delivery.

In our experience, we’ve worked with high-level corporate officers, corporate marketing departments, corporate sales reps, marketing and advertising agencies, fulfillment partners, and retailers & dealers. We understand the differing needs of each of these groups in achieving common goals, and we’re adept and working with all parties to develop programs and campaigns that achieve and exceed goals.

Jay Clark

Dedicated professional with 15+ years of consulting, development and project management for technology based communications campaigns. Extensive experience in use of Web sites, microsites, digital print and PURLs, e-mail, CRM and database marketing.

Jay specializes in assisting companies in using their data to more effectively communicate with their audiences using messages, channels, frequency and tone that is most appropriate based on a relationship built over time and reflected in data.

Michelle Collins

Michelle has more than 15 years experience working with IT teams to develop solutions to meet customer needs, as well as 12+ years developing and implementing marketing technology applications. She works with clients to define and set program goals, to implement and perfect processes to ensure delivery toward those goals, and to integrate data to measure against benchmarks throughout the process.

Her favorite challenge is when a customer talks about where they’d like to go, and then working with stakeholders and users to understand the ins and outs of those goals, how to get there, and how to create efficient processes and tools to make great results replicable again and again.

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