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“Buy Local” Campaign Thrives in Lincoln Square – Ravenswood

“The Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce promoted it’s annual holiday unwrap campaign, urging holiday shoppers to invest in local retailers, and the residents responded by spending nearly $95,000 at local shops.
Nearly doubling the spending from the inaugural 2012 campaign, the chamber of commerce said it received receipt submissions from 188 participants who spent at least $300 at three different retail spaces within the Lincoln Square and Ravenswood boundaries.”

SilverGrass Marketing worked with the Lincoln Square – Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce to create the campaign’s branding, outdoor signage, in-store signage, brochures, and the program’s website, Unwrap Lincoln Square – Ravenswood.

Kudos also go out to SilverGrass Marketing’s Public Relations partner, Ripson Communications, for an exceptional job with earned media coverage for the campaign.

Read the full story at NBC 5 Chicago: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/inc-well/Buy-Local-Campaign-Thrives-in-Chicago-Neighborhoods-243580311.html