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Client: Pitch Advertising & Marketing

Campaign: Name, Collateral and Branding

The Challenge

Create an identity for an in-house agency.

The Solution

This agency had to distance itself from the parent company – a commercial printer- , but couldn’t separate itself entirely. What’s more, the parent company had a lengthy history as a solid-but-not-sexy firm. Trying to position the new agency as young/hip/over-the-top wouldn’t fly but the agency needed an identity that seemed fresh and engaging.

The agency couldn’t rely on its existing client roster to draw much interest and as a jack-of-all-trades agency, they weren’t in a position to push a specific nitch. We came up with the name Pitch as a nod to traditional advertising roots, but used typefaces, colors and iconography (the exclamation point replaces the “i” in several parts of the site and collateral materials) to establish a tone – vibrant, fluid, engaging.

The agency acts as the warm, younger sibling to the buttoned-down, serious parent company. The symbiotic relationship serves both parties well.