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Client: The Local

Campaign: Collateral and Branding

The Challenge

Create an identity for a restaurant/bar with a ‘Vintage Americana’ motif but keep it stylish and relevant.

The Solution

As the restaurant is in Chicago, we got a bit of break- Chicago has a massive history to draw from, and when the owners decided to call it “The Local” we immediately set out to use subtle bits of Chicago architecture and color.

Incorporating the iconic stars from the Chicago flag and using a red/white/blue theme with different patinas and gradients helped five the restaurant a sense of history where it previously had none. The restaurant interior is chock full of folk art and the menu is a modern take on American classics. We had to walk a fine line between being bold but not overpowering; classic but not nostalgic.

From the menu design to the interactive ipad wine list and exterior signage, The Local is a modern establishment in a vintage body. It fits into the neighborhood just like ‘your local’ should.