Case Studies and Creative

Putting ideas into action for our customers.


Client: Graphics Plus

Campaign: Rebranding and Education

The Challenge

A commercial printer with a broad arsenal of capabilities needed to break out of the “you’re just a printer” box trap that befalls so many printers in the current marketplace. How to show those skills and present client work and project details without making the user click through endless pages?

The Solution

Lots of creative on one page can get confusing- too many colors, shapes and sizes. But we chose to keep the creative on the home page overlayed with the corporate color scheme and rollovers of the actual collateral. This gives the user a hint of the rich offerings without overwhelming them. Javascript on the individual boxes allows the user to dig deeper into any of the pieces that might interest them without having to contintually click between pages.

Mechanically the site has strong administrative tools to allow sub-sections to move from category to category easily, or to create new sections and sub-sections easily with a minimum of programming time. It allows the Graphics Group to continue doing what they do best- print and distribution – without spending a lot of time updating their website.