Great Creative Can't Get There Alone.

Research, Strategy and Methodology make the difference between simply good and great.

Take Creative Expertise…

People are more connected than ever, which doesn’t mean old methods of advertising don’t work, but it does mean that they integrate (or live side-by-side) with new methods. Being connected 24/7 means your office might be a shared space or your living room and you might spend your ‘down time’ in the car rather than glued to the TV. SilverGrass understands that.

SilverGrass deploys campaigns for both new customer acquisition and retention in a variety of formats. We take the “Where, When and How” puzzle out of your hands and create a matrix to optimize spend. The space Where those campaigns are executed (Digital ads, Social Media, Print and Out of Home) is just as important as When (seasonal and trigger campaigns) or How frequent (goals and budget).

We draw from years of day-to-day experience in the marketplace in verticals such as Automotive, Fuels, Retail and Food/Beverage to help enable those decisions.

… and implement Data augmention and Analysis

Make your data evolve rapidly with Append Services that provide insight into shopping patterns,geographic profiling, customer interests and ‘hand raiser’ lists.

SilverGrass makes your advertising work for you with "Rapid Response" campaign management, Targeted ad vehicles to maximize impact and "Just In Time" ad inventory to keep your advertising budgets liquid.

We offer end-to-end creative services and planning in the following areas:

  • Branding and collateral
  • Web design – campaign microsites and full web presence
  • Social Media content and delivery
  • Direct Mail design and ‘drop’ strategy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Freight and Logistics- timing the launch of your campaign
  • Media placement
  • The members of SilverGrass have worked for and alongside agencies on countless projects. So whether you’re in need of one elusive piece of strategic advertising or need an entire suite of agency services, we’ll help you find the right home for your goals.

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