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With more than 30 years of combined experience, we’ve seen first hand the challenges manufacturers and large retailers face in providing channel marketing support that is measurable and effective. Billions of dollars are spent by OEMs to support channel marketing efforts, and many companies struggle to validate how effective (or not) those invested dollars are. Often they reach out to a marketing partner for help.

Marketing partners often take the form of an agency, a trusted printer with outsourcing capabilities, and recently the advent of digital media firms. The issue that they are often unable to help create and solidify programs specifically for your channel. SilverGrass draws on a wide base of knowledge and helps provide the tools for solving these problems with solutions in the areas of:

Program Goals Identification

Streamlined Communications and Workflow

Web Application Architecture

Data Normalization and Best Practices

Specifications documents and the RFQ process

At SilverGrass Marketing, we work with OEMs to look at their Channel Marketing program not just as a set of funds to provide because distributors, retailers, and dealers expect them, but instead as a true tool in driving sales. We can help with everything from assessing channel program needs and goals to develop a plan, to documenting that process to put the right marketing partners in place, to choosing vendors and implementing programs, to measuring their success.

Few, if any, OEMs are fortunate enough to have large retailer marketing staffs. Consider us an extension of your retailer marketing team.

A Closer Look at Channel Marketing
We’ve written a three-part series that addresses the challenges and opportunities of channel marketing programs from three perspectives.

Part One: Tips for OEMs
Part Two: Tips for Distributors, Dealers, and Retailers
Part Three: Tips for Marketing Partners (Printers, Advertising Services Providers)

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