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Using technology and media to grow your restaurant

Good location, great food, and a hospitable environment are crucial for a successful restaurant. But great marketing can take you from “hidden gem” status to one of the hottest restaurants in town.

We’ve worked with top restaurants on branding, web presence (for desktop, tablet, and mobile), iPad Wine and Drink lists, customer marketing, social media, photography, reputation management, and publicity. Whether you need help with all of your marketing, or you’re just interested in an iPad Wine list or a new website, we can help you bring your restaurant to the next level.


Restaurant Marketing Solutions - Restaurant Mobile Web SitesRestaurant Marketing Solutions - Restaurant WebsitesYour potential customers are likely to look at your website to check out your menu, your hours, your location, and more when deciding where to dine. They may be at home, at the office, or out and about. If your website doesn’t give them the information they’re looking for, you may miss out on a potential customer.

Our websites are tailored to your restaurant and its needs. And we build each site so you can update the content yourself through an easy-to-use admin interface – or we can make site updates for you. Want to post a last-minute special? You can do that in minutes. Planning a special event you want to publicize to your customers? Post it online in a flash.

And our Website designs are optimized to the device that is displaying them. Web and tablet sites are displayed with full graphics and photos so customers with higher speed connections and screen resolutions can see this rich content, while mobile sites can be set up to look more like apps and give customers EXACTLY the information they need when deciding on a restaurant – with quick download speeds.

iPad Wine & Drinks List

Restaurant Marketing Solutions - iPad Wine ListAre you looking to add a bit of interactivity to your dining experience? Or do you simply have so many wines, beers, and cocktails that your print menus are out of date the moment they hit the table?

Our iPad Wine Lists are web-based but appear just like a native application. That means you’ll have the elegance of an app with the ease of maintenance of a web-based solution – No updates from the iStore necessary!

Our listings feature drink information, images, ratings, maps, pairing notes, and much more. Customers can even create an account so they can note their favorite drinks and access them each time they visit. And you can expire and add your own drinks so you can 86 out-of-stock items with ease or add new product when you receive it.

The look and feel of each Wine and Drink list is customized to the look and feel of your restaurant, and a web version is available so potential customers can check out the list before they even visit your restaurant.

Whether you have 150 wines and drinks — or 1,500 — your list will be a hit with customers and will be a valuable sales tool for your wait and bar staffs.

Customer Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Solutions - Restaurant Customer MarketingAre you striking that perfect balance of reaching out to your customers often enough to keep you in their minds but not too often that you annoy them? We can develop loyalty programs, visit-triggered email campaigns, social media plans, search engine marketing, and reputation management so you have a consistent — and effective — plan for reaching your current and potential customers.

If you work with OpenTable or other similar reservation software, we can analyze your guest reports to develop “segments” that help define your customers better. Understand who your loyal customers are and their typical visit patterns. Review trends for your less frequent visitors to determine how to bring them in more often. And learn how to convert your “special occasion” guests into regular diners.

We can help you use that data to develop email campaigns to communicate with those customers or even develop loyalty campaigns to let your patrons know that you appreciate their business while driving even more of it.

We’ll help you develop social media campaigns that actually use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to bring customers to your restaurant. We can assist in monitoring sites like Google, Yelp, OpenTable, and other review sites to alert you to potentially damaging or malicious reviews. We can make sure your restaurant is showing up in the top search engines through search engine optimization and purchased search ads.

Most importantly, we work with you to establish your goals for each customer marketing initiative and make sure you understand how each one is working toward those goals.


Online media and marketing technology are immensely important to restaurants today. But still just as important is publicity in traditional media.

Our publicity partner has helped restaurants get print, broadcast, and event coverage in local, regional, and national markets. Publicize your events, your kitchen team, your concept, or anything else to keep your restaurant in the public’s mind.


Restaurant Marketing Services - Analytics and ReportingYou can do all of the marketing in the world, but unless you know which marketing is succeeding in bringing in customers, you’ll never know if you’re making the right marketing decisions. We understand that, so we incorporate reporting throughout our marketing services for our customers.

We can provide detailed reports on Website visits, search engine marketing campaigns, email campaigns, iPad Wine and Drinks list usage, customer movements among loyalty segments, and social media adoption. We can also provide analysis on each of these components so you have an understanding of how your marketing is working for you.

Case Studies

See what we’ve done for two of our restaurant clients: Restaurant Brand Identity | Restaurant Rebranding and Relaunch


Let us know how we can help you, and a SilverGrass team member will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss how our restaurant marketing solutions can help improve your business.

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