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You hear buzz words like ‘segmentation’ and ‘optimization’ a great deal these days, with good reason. Reaching the right audience at the right time is critical in an age of media saturation and customer ‘ad fatigue’.

But how do you get there? You’re already working 60 hours a week or more managing the resources you have and pitching new business. SilverGrass utilizes a proven retail data analysis process to assess existing and potential customers and present them with intriguing and exciting offers to improve sales. Our data append services and Business Intelligence team, combined with our reporting methodology will allow you to close the customer loop and start the process time and again. Our analysis services help you recognize the ideal time and method to reach customers who are ready to buy- not wasting a great deal of time and effort on ‘tire kickers’ and uninterested consumers.

1. Data Optimization and Append Services

– Take your existing customer base and flesh out the landscape with supplemental information on their hobbies, propensity to buy, shopping preferences and other key metrics. Looking for prospects? Let us work to develop a pool of potential customers with you).

SilverGrass can analyze your customer and sales data to get at the heart of your goals. We work with industry leaders in data procurement and data append services to spread light on your customers habits, wants and needs.

Retail Data Analysis - Mission Step 1
2. Create Campaign Avenues for your goals

Based on historical results and the aim of the campaign, SilverGrass will recommend a blend of ad types or ‘delivery vehicles’ to help you achieve greater success. Those ad types will inform the artwork and marketing copy for your promotion.

Retail data analysis - Mission Step 2
3. Execute and Analyze

Your advertising is in full swing. Now what? Some channels (digital and banner) provide fast feedback, allowing you to pivot and respond on the fly. Others (Out of Home, Direct mail) may pull slower but have a longer shelf life. SilverGrass will help you determine what drove sales and what impacted performance. Utilizing that information will help you set a higher baseline for your next campaign.

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