Retail Marketing Services

Putting ideas into action for our customers.

We’ve worked with retailers, dealers, and small business owners on their marketing for more than a decade. We know your time is precious, and your business’ image is everything.

SilverGrass Marketing offers an array of services to help you develop and maintain your brand online and off, strategize on how to bring more customers through the door, manage advertising campaigns, and much more, so you can get back to business.

Retail Marketing Services

MidCityResponsive Web Design — We offer static or Content Management System (CMS) based Websites so you can have the level of control over your site that you need. All of our designs are responsive, so they’re easy to use on the biggest desktop screen right down to the smallest phone display.

Retail Branding — We work with our clients to understand who they are and how they want their customers to think of them. We can develop logos, collateral, messaging, style guidelines, and more to build and maintain a consistent image of your business throughout all of your communications.

Advertising / Marketing Campaign Management — We deploy campaigns for both new customer acquisition and retention in a variety of formats. We take the “Where, When and How” puzzle out of your hands and create a matrix to optimize spend. The space Where those campaigns are executed (Digital ads, Social Media, Print and Out of Home) is just as important as When (seasonal and trigger campaigns) or How frequent (goals and budget).

Retail Data Analysis — We use a proven retail data analysis process to assess existing and potential customers and present them with intriguing and exciting offers to improve sales. Our data append services and Business Intelligence team, combined with our reporting methodology will allow you to close the customer loop and start the process time and again. Our analysis services help you recognize the ideal time and method to reach customers who are ready to buy- not wasting a great deal of time and effort on ‘tire kickers’ and uninterested consumers.

Restaurant Marketing Solutions — Good location, great food, and a hospitable environment are crucial for a successful restaurant. But great marketing can take you from “hidden gem” status to one of the hottest restaurants in town. We’ve worked with top restaurants on branding, web presence (for desktop, tablet, and mobile), iPad Wine and Drink lists, customer marketing, social media, photography, reputation management, and publicity. Whether you need help with all of your marketing, or you’re just interested in an iPad Wine list or a new website, we can help you bring your restaurant to the next level.